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Why French?

French speakers (Francophones) are not only found in France. French-speaking communities are found on every continent. Territories as diverse as the Congo, French Polynesia, Canada, Haiti and France claim French as their official language. French, after English, is the 2nd most commonly learned language in the world. Being bilingual and biliterate in French and English gives you a head start in higher education and increases career opportunities not only in the United States but wherever French is used. Learning any second language at an early age makes it easier to learn a third language later on.

What is a charter school?

Charter schools are public schools, available to any resident in California, and attended by personal choice as an alternative to other public schools.  In California, there are two types of charter schools: dependent and independent.  The Santa Rosa French American Charter School is a dependent charter school, which means it is operated by the Santa Rosa City Schools District and is subject to the rules established by the state. Within those guidelines, charter schools are able to create a curriculum with a specific focus that wouldn’t be possible in a traditional public school setting.  
Review the current SRFACS Charter.

Does SRFACS charge tuition?

No, as a public school, SRFACS does not charge tuition. SRFACS students have the unique privilege of enjoying Accredited, French-immersion education at no cost. However, like other public schools in California, SRFACS relies on parent and community donations to support academics and school activities. The SRFACS Foundation, a nonprofit corporation that serves as the parent association, has been established to raise funds and organize volunteers to help achieve the goals established in the charter and as well as to meet the needs of teachers and the expectations of parents. Please follow this link to contribute.

We don't speak French at home, how can I support my child?

The first thing any family enrolling in a language immersion school should do is to educate itself. Language learning is a process, and it doesn’t happen overnight. The second thing to do is trust the process. Your child will get everything s/he needs to be successful, at school. You can reinforce and support your child’s education by asking questions, being curious, showing interest in French language and culture and modeling how to look something up when unsure. When in doubt, ask! You child can buddy up with someone for homework, or you can stay connected with French-speaking families in the class.

What Grades are offered at SRFACS?

SRFACS is a Kinder Academy (TK) through 6th Grade school.

Will my child be as prepared for middle school as their peers in traditional schools?

Studies show that children with language immersion backgrounds outperform their monolingual peers across the board. But understanding this process is key. It takes time. Your child will be getting only one hour of English language instruction a day until third grade, so his/her English literacy may seem behind his/her peers at other schools. By fourth and fifth grades, everything balances out, and then we see students with two languages going beyond their peers with only one. It is imperative to stick with the program. Fearing that your child will never catch up, and pulling him/her out prematurely, only leaves him/her behind in both languages. Again, educate yourself, and ask questions about the process, to ease your anxieties.

How do I enroll my child?

As a school of choice, prospective students do not enroll at SRFACS, they apply.

Please visit our Tour and Apply page for more information.