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Our Charter

One of the distinguishing characteristics of Santa Rosa French-American Charter School resides in its rich and unique French setting that will provide awareness of culture diversity, mastery of a second language spoken by approximately 300 million people worldwide, and develop additional pathways for learning. The Charter Founders believe that the value of learning in two languages benefits not only the mind, but the spirit. It is the hope of the founders of SRFACS that students will matriculate from SRFACS with an exceptional education that prepares them for higher learning at home or abroad, and the humanity to be ambassadors for peace in the world.

SRFACS’ Charter Petition as approved by the Santa Rosa City School District:

Curriculum and Instruction

The curriculum at SRFACS blends the grade level standards of California’s Common Core with the same age-appropriate requirements held in French school core standards. SRFACS teachers offer a dual immersion program in French and English for grades Kinder Academy through 6th.

The Common Core Standards are based on an international approach to standards-based education.

Programme du cycle 1 (Maternelle)

Programmed des cycles 2 et 3

The Common Base of Knowledge and Skills

The French and American standards have been harmonized in order to create a unique French-American Program. Our 2nd and 3rd Grade curriculum is available for viewing.

Program for CE1 (2nd Grade): FRANCAISENGLISH

Program for CE2 (3rd Grade): FRANCAIS | ENGLISH

California’s Common Core


SRFACS is accredited by the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE). AEFE is a national public agency under the administration of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France, that assures the quality of schools teaching the French national curriculum outside France.

We have the French Homologation (accreditation) for:

  • Cycle 1 (Moyenne Section/Kinder Academy)
  • Grande Section (Kindergarten)
  • Cycle 2 (CP/First Grade | CE1/Second Grade | CE2/Third Grade)
  • Cycle 3 (CM1/Fourth Grade | CM2/Fifth Grade)

We are honored to be the first and currently only public school on the West Coast to be part of a worldwide network of AEFE. Because of our Accreditation status, SRFACS is able to attract and retain qualified teachers from France. Our ability to meet French standards for education means we offer a familiar environment that is welcoming to Francophone students. This distinction not only points to the quality of education provided; it also increases our diversity which strengthens our multilingual community.